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Altering pants that are too "hippy"

edited January 14 in General

So I got a great deal on these Rebecca Minkoff silk drawstring pants on eBay, but I almost sent them back as soon as I tried them on. They had this awful thing going on at the hips. I mean they had what seemed like giant flaps of unneeded fabric whose only purpose seemed to be to give the illusion of really big hips.

Then I tried them on again and found that I liked the pants if the top part was covered with a tunic. And then I thought about it some more and decided it wouldn't be too hard to alter them. I figured I'd show you what I did in case you find it useful.

First thing was to try them on again and figure out exactly where they were annoying me and by how much. I pinched that fabric up, and estimated I was pinching about 3/4" about 2 inches down from the waistband.

Then I took them off and turned them inside out. I used a safety pin to first mark the portion that needed to be taken in the most, and then a few more pins to blend from the existing seam at the leg and back into the waistband:

I repeated on the other side.

I tried them back on with the safety pins in, to confirm that everything fit ok. Then I got out my trusty sewing machine and sewed it, blending the seam in at the beginning and end (actually, I was more concerned with blending at the leg line - since the waist band is gathered, it hides a multitude of sins.)

And here's a before and after (before on the right, after on the left -- is that backwards?) The photo doesn't really tell the story of how bad they were at first. Now I'm much happier with them!


  • I think the after fit is spot on...I have a knit skirt I need to do this alteration to.

  • I hadn't realized how simple this type of alteration is. I have always hemmed my own clothes. but I recently took a dress in to get altered and it was just two simple seams on the sides.

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