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Favorite recent acquisition?

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One of my favorite recent acquisitions has been this vintage Coach purse. There's no other way I could have gotten a purse made of such high quality leather for such an affordable price (less than $30)! Gotta love eBay!

Here's a pic of the purse in action with cognac booties. Cognac + cognac is a trick I learned from Caroline at
Unfancy :)

How about you? Gotten anything good lately?


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    Also, I like that there are multiple paths to sustainable fashion. Of course, there's buying less. And there's also buying high quality, responsibly made items. And then there's buying used, which is one of my favorites because it allows for more whimsy and impulsiveness. For example, a few months ago, I really wanted a side zip sweater. So off I went to eBay to search for one and there it was, for less than $10. I got a fun piece to wear, and this shirt got a second life :)

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