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Spotted on eBay - Navy Silk pants

edited January 14 in General

Hi everyone,

I've been on the market for a pair of navy silk pants and finding some good deals on eBay. Check these out :) They're all 100% silk although a few have acetate linings.

[Note: these are affiliate links]

Here's the pair I got for $19 -- they're Rebecca Minkoff Malone pants:

I was hoping to wear them with my Vera tunic, among other things. I think they'll work out just fine :smile:

Has anyone else spotted anything good or gotten a good deal recently?


  • I have a dark navy (EF calls it midnight) long sleeve merino sweater/tunic coming from eBay. The nice thing about the merino, is that if it's too big, I can easily shrink it in the washer/dryer...just makes it thicker and warmer for cold temps.


    I found these navy culottes at Gap's site and ordered a tall. They're slub Tencel and super comfortable. Currently 20 percent off the sale price of $30. Pretty good deal. :)

  • Cheryl - that sounds lovely! Navy is one of my favorite colors lately!

    MadTam - those are super cute! I love Tencel as a fabric. So easy to care for and similar to silk!

  • Navy blue has always been my favourite color. These look so comfortable. I have recently been doing shopping online. I bought pants, jackets, shoes, shorts and sports bra from Carbon38. You can also try doing shopping online. They really have some good stuff.

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