10 items, 15+ outfits

I recently did a back-to-back trip, visiting Savannah for a school-visit for my daughter, and heading straight from there to Singapore for work. I was able to pack for both trips in a backpack style carry-on and had many more outfit options than needed. It definitely helps that there was warm weather in both locations!

Here’s what I packed:

  1. White linen tank
  2. Black silk tank
  3. Black skinnies
  4. Back silk-linen pants
  5. Linen jumpsuit
  6. Black sheath dress
  7. Oatmeal cardigan
  8. Silver Birkenstocks
  9. Black Nisolo loafers
  10. Black pointed black mules

Truth be told, out of the 15+ outfits I could make with these pieces, I really only wore a handful: the black linen jumpsuit was my travel outfit — so comfortable, completely non-binding, looks put together for business class and airport lounges. I actually wore the jumpsuit three days in a row at the beginning of the trip — traveling to Savannah, the school tour, and traveling to Singapore. I varied it by tying the waist at the back for the school tour.

At work in Singapore, I wore the white tank and silk-linen pants twice, the sheath dress twice, and the black tank with black skinnies once. I used the scarf for variety a few days and the cardigan for warmth when needed.

Then I wore the linen jumpsuit for the flight back home.

Everything was so easy to wear together, my bag was nice and light, and I always felt put together and appropriate.

I think I’ve really gotten the hang of this wardrobe thing!

Here are the outfits I wore and quite a few more that I didn’t:






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