Progressive capsule 2 and #june30x30

So it’s already the end of my second progressive capsule. After sewing 8 pieces during the last capsule, I at least only added one new #memade item during this second 30 days. I also combined it with the #june30x30 challenge, but instead of choosing 30 items ahead of time, I added items to the list progressively as I wore them and tried to limit myself to 30. In fact, it was not a problem at all to hold it under 30 (although to be fair, I cut the challenge short by a few days). In fact, there were 11 of 29 total items I only wore once and could easily have left out of the list. The main difference between this and the previous 30 day challenge was that the weather was consistently warm. It’s much easier to get away with fewer pieces in warm weather!

A few things I learned this challenge:

  • My #memade pieces integrate incredibly well into my total wardrobe. Both for work and for hanging out, these pieces are awesome (no surprise as they’re so closely based on ES’s amazing designs.) Flax linen in particular is an easy fabric to wear. Not too fussy about getting a spot here or there dripped on it, yet paired with black, it looks dressy enough for work.
  • I am most comfortable in solids and neutral colors, and that’s ok. I just really love the multiple combinations of black, white, and flax. I feel confident and comfortable, and me, in these colors.
  • I can feel attractive and professional in a looser silhouette. I tried both boxy over skinny and boxy over looser-fitting trousers, and felt put-together in both.
  • I’ve discovered the perfect summer shoe for work. I’ve often struggled with weather open-toe shoes feel professional enough for work. Then I saw these pointy-toed slides and they are perfect. They go with just about any outfit I can think of.

All of this new insight helped me to pick some good pieces (I think) for the #summer10x10 challenge. It was difficult to go back to picking pieces up-front, but I was afraid a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants progressive 10×10 might end up kind of weird.

Here’s the listing of the second capsule:
1. #memade Harper-like tunic 5
2. Distressed jeans 8
3. Birk sandals 13
4. Navy sheath 1
5. Nude wedges 1
6. Oatmeal cardigan 4
7. Distressed jean shorts 6
8. #memade white raw silk Georgia-like top 4
9. #memade flax linen Emma-like kimono 2
10. Linen pants 4
11. Cognac slides 1
12. #memade Linn-like shirt 3
13. ES Mara jumpsuit 3
14. Pointy slides 12
15. Gray tank top 4
16. #memade black linen Georgia-like top 3
17. Gray skinnies 4
18. Black sandals 1
19. #memade flax linen Georgia-like top 3
20. Black tank top 1
21. ES artist’s smock 2
22. Loft Tencel dress 1
23. Floral silk maxi dress 1
24. #memade black linen Georgia-like dress 1
25. Striped maxi dress 1
26. Eileen Fisher white linen tank 1
27. Black silk-linen trousers 1
28. Navy silk tunic 2
29. Skinny jeans 2

And here are some pics from the second progressive capsule:

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