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My sorta kinda Kamm pants dupe

I have really been admiring the high-waisted, wide legged, cropped pant look on Lee at Stylebee, but it's such a different silhouette from my normal skinnies, I can't justify an investment of $400 just to try it out. Plus, I thought a few non-skinny options for pants might be nice for the summer. So I scoped out eBay and found this really nice pair of black, silk-linen pants, $13 shipped, brand new, from a brand called Hillard and Hanson (used to be the Mervyn's house brand -- I looked it up. How long have these pants been sitting around with the tags on?? Mervyn's has been gone since 2008!)

I figured I could easily hem them, and the legs looked to be quite wide, so I'd get a somewhat similar look to the Kamm pants. Pics in next post...


  • So here's the original length:

    I pinned them at various lengths until I found what I wanted:

    I didn't bother ripping out the old hem, and I also didn't cut the length (in case I ever want to let them back out), I just folded the material to the inside and hand-stitched the hem:

    And now it's part of my spring10x10 and I'll be wearing them to dinner tonight :smiley:

    Actually, they're still a bit longer than desired in these pics. I'm going to fold up another inch or two at the bottom and tack it as a cuff. It also gives the cuff a bit more stiffness so it stands out and dramatizes the wideness and cropped-ness...

  • awesome! i did similar with a pair of black dress pants from loft that i loved but never wore because they looked so fancy. had them professionally hemmed after testing them at the right length. the material is dressier, so they're still a bit fancy-pants but i feel like i can wear them for fun nights out, not just conferences. would you mind elaborating on the fit of this brand? never heard of them, but these look great, and i am a huge fan of ebay + alter!!

  • edited April 11
    Welcome Juneb! So happy to have someone else to talk to, lol! That's great that you were able to alter something and make it more wearable :)

    The fit is really good and I have a lot of trouble finding pants that fit. I'll take more pics when I get a chance!

    Also, I'd love to hear other examples of the ebay + alter trick!
  • I feel I'm already having an existential moment with these pants. Wide, or skinny? I'm very comfoetable with my skinnies and I think I like them better with this look, but maybe it's because the wider leg is newer to me and just doesn't feel as familiar?

    What are your thoughts? Do you prefer a wide leg, skinny leg, or both?
  • These pants look great, Karen! I like the linen and silk blend fabrics a lot. They are so wonderful for summer, a bit dressier than plain linen but not too dressy. I've always had a weakness for wide-leg pants and always had a pair or two in my closet, although never cropped until this year. I think they look better with form fitting tops, rather than boxy shapes, which doesn't mean that I don't wear them with boxy tops: it's all I wear now.

  • Yes - they're definitely easier to wear with a tighter top, but I'm with you, enjoying the boxy looser look. Still trying to figure out how best to make it work. I did find that cropped and boxy works quite well.

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