Fall10x10 wrap-up

I have to say, this 10×10 has been my absolute favorite. Theme wise, I took away the same main points as my summer10x10:

  • I love every piece that I have
  • They all mix and match really well
  • They make me feel comfortable, put together and confident
  • I feel good about them because most are either sustainably made, thrifted or me-made
  • Many of the pieces can transition from casual, to office, to dressy

I did the same trick, where I chose 10 pieces, not including shoes, but had those pieces cover every occasion, including work, casual, and dressy. As it turns out, I definitely added things in the shoe department (5 pairs), but with these 15 pieces, I’m pretty sure I could have made it throughout the fall without a hitch. With mid-day changes for different occasions, I made 13 outfits, and there were a few others I could have worn and never got around to.

A few other observations:

  • When I ordered the red Linenfox top, I figured there was a decent chance I wouldn’t actually like it. It’s a pretty bright color for someone who has gotten used to wearing almost all neutrals. But I love it! And I also love that it can be dressed up enough for work. I think I could even wear it on an evening out, paired with black skinnies and boots or heels.
  • I had to alter the jumpsuit again! I think the linen really stretches over time. Once it’s been altered to fit me, the jumpsuit is one of my favorite pieces.
  • The cashmere cardigan was a total splurge ($300 at Poetry Fashion) and is the only non-thrifted, non-me-made, non-independent-maker piece of clothing I’ve bought all year. When it arrived, I was pretty close to packing it up and sending it back. It’s just such an indulgence and I wasn’t sure I loved it. But after wearing it for this challenge, it’s cemented itself as a go-to piece for cooler weather.
  • The artist’s smock continues to be a gem of a piece. I can’t get enough of the lovely fabric and unique shape. And it can be worn so many ways — loose, knotted, and tucked. I tried all three during the challenge.
  • I think the tapered trousers are going to be a welcome addition this fall / winter. Last winter I basically wore all skinnies, all the time, and this will be a nice way to have a different silhouette, and still stay warm. I always get compliments when I wear these pants to work. They seem very unique although they’re conservative as far as fabric and color go.

Here were my 10 pieces:

  1. #memade black silk Emma-like kimono
  2. ES black silk artist’s smock
  3. #memade white silk Georgia-like top
  4. Linenfox red top
  5. Black skinnies
  6. Tapered wool trousers
  7. Distressed jeans
  8. Tobacco boxy cashmere sweater
  9. Taupe cashmere cardigan
  10. Linenfox natural gray jumpsuit

I’m continuing to enjoy wardrobe Nirvana. I wasn’t even close to this happy or comfortable with my closet a year ago, so I just wanted to thank all my 10x10friends for the inspiration and encouragement over the past 6 months. Thanks everyone!


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