2017 year in review and my one purchase for 2018?

2017 was definitely a defining year as far as my style and wardrobe went:

  • I discovered Elizabeth Suzann and invested in 4 pieces from this amazing designer.
  • I also splurged on a Jamie and the Jones T Sweater, and a cashmere cardigan from Poetry – both much more expensive than my typical purchases (altogether, I purchased 6 items close to or over $200.)
  • I sewed 8 pieces of clothing for myself.
  • Embarrassingly, I added 49 pieces of clothing and 16 accessories to my wardrobe. I say embarrassing because I’ve been consciously trying to reduce my purchases for several years now, and I apparently haven’t been super effective at it. I’ve counted, and I only wear about 100 items of clothing, including shoes and outerwear, so that’s about a 50% churn in my clothes last year.
  • My spending for 2017 were the highest since I’ve been keeping track.  I went from a total of $1577 in 2015 (31 items of clothing and 13 accessories), to $1997 in 2016 (51 pieces of clothing and 13 accessories), to $3430 in 2017.
  • However, I’m not going to beat myself up about it because I ended 2017 with a wardrobe that I absolutely love. My last two #10×10 challenges (Summer and Fall 2017) were a complete joy. I’ve never felt this satisfied with my clothes.
  • I think I’m in a position for 2018 to buy almost nothing. I have to say almost because I have purchased one item this year. I really do think it could be my last for the year, though.

So what did I buy? I was thinking about warm weather, and whether I should sew myself another Georgia-like dress (I sewed a black one last year, but never wore it, so I re-fashioned into a top and gave it to my mom for Christmas.) Anyway, I thought maybe a flax-colored Georgia would be good for hanging out on Sundays in summer.

However, there’s something about the full, boxy shape that doesn’t work as well for me when it’s long vs. when it’s cropped. I know this from past experience. So I hit up my old friend eBay to see what easy, linen sundresses were available for purchase. I found this J. Jill dress and I think it will be perfect for summer. I think the sleeveless-ness balances the looser shape on me. And I like the textured linen — it’s not exactly stripes, because I find I don’t love stripes, but it’s still a nice variation from my typical solids:

I can definitely see myself hanging around reading and baking bread in this dress. All we need now is some warm weather.

So, I’m not exactly on a shopping fast, but I see no reason I should need to buy any more clothing this year.

One of the reasons I checked out of Instagram and this site since last Thanksgiving was I found that, the more I thought about clothing, the more I wanted to buy. (I also had to take down my photo set-up to make room for houseguests and have not yet set it back up.) I’m going to see if I can re-engage without the urge to purchase anything. If not, I may need to take another break, but let’s give a try and see what happens!

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